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Call for Abstracts: Neuroscience & Neurocognition

Following the successful experience of IJCNN11, abstract submissions are invited for a special Neuroscience and Neurocognition Track at IJCNN 2012. Abstracts must focus on areas broadly related to neurobiology, cognitive science and systems biology, including - but not limited to - the following:

  • Theory & models of biological neural networks.
  • Computational neuroscience. 
  • Computational models of perception, cognition and behavior.
  • Models of learning and memory in the brain.
  • Brain-machine interfaces and neural prostheses.
  • Brain-inspired cognitive models.
  • Neuroinformatics.
  • Neuroevolution and development.
  • Models of neurological diseases and treatments.
  • Systems and computational biology

Recognizing that some of the most exciting current research in neural networks is being done by researchers in neuroscience, psychology, cognitive science, and systems biology, the abstracts program seeks participation from the broader community of scientists in these areas by offering an accessible forum for the interdisciplinary exchange of ideas. It will also provide researchers - especially doctoral students and postdocs - with an opportunity to showcase ongoing research in advance of its publication in journals.

Abstracts must be no longer than 500 words plus as many as 4 bibliographic citations. No figures or tables can be included. Abstracts should be submitted through the IJCNN 2012 online submission system. 
Unlike full papers, abstracts will receive only limited review to ensure their appropriateness for IJCNN and consistency with the focus areas of the abstracts program. Authors of accepted abstracts will be guaranteed a poster presentation at the conference after regular registration. Abstracts will not be included in the conference proceedings, but will be published in the IJCNN 2012 program (including the printed conference book) and on-line at the IJCNN 2012 web site along with abstracts of all presentations.

Best Abstract Award 

Neuroscience & Neurocognition Abstracts Posters at IJCNN 2012 will be considered, when applicable, for the Best Neuroscience & Neurocognition Abstract Poster Award. which comes with a certificate and a small honorarium

Important Dates

  • Abstract Submission : February 1, 2012 - March 15, 2012
  • Decision Notification : March 20, 2012
  • Final Submission : April 2, 2012

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For IJCNN inquiries please contact Conference Chair: Cesare Alippi at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

For Neuroscience-track inquiries please contact The Neuroscience liaison: Ali Minai at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it



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